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It's Bella's 29th birthday. Friends and former lovers meet for a drink to celebrate. But as the Bloody Mary's flow, the bar becomes a battlefield.
In the uncivil war between the sexes, what happens when the females have the real fire-power-stockpiles of testosterone, lethal wit and explosive attitude? And what happens when patriarchy gets personal; when it's your own father who is tragic and terminal? When the only man you really love is dying?


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Come and join our team

We are always looking for new members, but we are especially in need of help with publicity, front of house and the technical side of things. We need people to make posters, programmes and spread the word of our shows and events. Front of house to help check peoples tickets, show them to their seats and to help should there be any issues. Are you interested in lighting or sound, helping back stage or painting and building scenery? Please get in touch with us. 


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